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CSGO Board
CSGO Board

Draw your strategy

Prepare your game plan and get an edge over your opponents in Counter-Strike 2

Build the game plan for your team

Set up your teammates' positions across the map as well as their movements. You can tag each movement or each grenade throw with a time marker for more precision.

Download your game plan

Done with your game plan? Alright, just click on the 'Export to image' button and we will take care of converting your game plan to an image file so you can download it to your computer.

Create your game plans archive

Optionally, you can save your game plan and continue working on it at a later time. With a Pro subscription, you can have your list of game plans associated to your account and manage them anytime.

Share with your teammates

Go ahead and discuss with your teammates that crucial grenade on bombsite A or the best timing to throw the smokes and flashbangs for a proper bombsite B retake.

CSGO Board

Why CSGO Board?

Can't get any easier than this

We believe that keeping things simple is crucial so anyone can get into strategy drawing quickly and painlessly. With CSGO Board's intuitive interface, no instructions or tutorials are needed, things just work as you expect.

Lots of elements to choose from

Someone once said 'If my only tool is a hammer, then every problem is a nail'. CSGO Board got you covered and provides you with the right tools to express the way you see the game. Your strategy is as complex as you want.

Your game plans anywhere, anytime

No matter if you're at home, in a team bootcamp or in a LAN tournament, you can still access your game plans to perform a last minute tweak to that B site defense setup or to go through each movement with your team mates.

What are you waiting for?